Bishop spoke as a private person?

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fellayThe head of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bishop Fellay chides the Swedish Television Network that interviewed Bishop Williamson and got him to state again his denial of the Holocaust. Rather than take the opportunity to correct what the Bishop said, Fellay simply distances the Society from one Bishop’s personal opinion. Wow. Truly, they need to be under Rome!


  1. What an interesting response. Not one word of condemnation, or even disagreement, from Fellay about Williamson’s views. There is only a condemnation of the media for having the audacity to ask about anything other than the SSPX’s self-appointed guardianship of their narrow version of tradition.

    Williamson is not just a spokesman for the SSPX but one of its leaders. It seems to me that the Swedish journalists not only had the right but the duty to let viewers know about Williamson’s anti-semitism. How else can viewers judge his true character and the calibre of his organisation.

    The fact that the SSPX does not condemn him (or even publically disagreee with his views) speaks volumes about them and what kind of agenda they really have.

  2. He’s a ninny, but he didn’t deny the Holocaust as such. He questions the historicity of certain claims which are currently accepted as true. There is a difference. He should just have given no comment at all. Lets hope +Williamson mellows out before the society is regularized.

    For the record, I hope that they become regularized – but not without conditions. They’ve always been temperamental and quick to dismiss the Council, though having reservations about it is not past any faithful Catholic. They need to get with the program, and with their new commitment to dialogue I am hopeful, not optimistic.

    Can we pray for the man, and the Society, that they might contribute to the good of the Church? Let those among them who are upright and seekers of truth and unity be welcomed with celebration, and those who live for derision and brokenness experience G-d’s merciful chastisement so that they may repent and embrace the fullness of what the Church has to offer the whole human family in this 21st century. Amen.

  3. He questions the historicity of certain claims which are currently accepted as true.

    Tony, you need to clarify what you mean by this statement. Are you questioning the Holocaust?

  4. I’ve never denied it, and never will. Why would you think that?

    Neither did the Bishop as far as I have understood. Have you watched the interview, or have you begun to believe that media coverage of this sort of thing is always fair? He states his case pretty decently, though one is left with the impression that he knew he shouldn’t have said anything at all – conversations like ours a case-in-point.

    The Holy Father knew about this Bishop’s tendency for idiot remarks and decided to lift the excommunications anyway. He’s not second-guessing himself right now. If anything he’s confident that +Williamson and those like him within the Society will probably not be reconciled…and that those in the SSPX who are balanced and well-intentioned will.

  5. Fr. Rick,

    I don’t think Tony is denying the holocaust at all merely trying to clarify what Williamson has said. I for one don’t care for what he said. Its terrible that anyone who knows anything about the war would know that something terrible did happen. With that said, should we not act like Christians and do what we can do for him? Chastising him on your blog will not help. He’s not going to read this nor take the hostility as constructive. No what we should do is pray. If possible Fr Rick would you be able to offer a weekday mass with the intention of God making a change in this man’s heart?

  6. Fr Rick,

    He denied the holocaust. Thats all I need to know that there is something wrong. I don’t need the precise words. How about the mass Fr.

  7. I followed Tony’s suggested link and after a few moments felt like I had entered the twilight zone.

    The post Tony links to is alright but the other posts? The blog author seems obsessed by the Tridentine Mass – to an extent that I am started to question whether he believes Our Lord wore a fiddleback chasuble and maniple during the Last Supper. As for the comments, well it is hard to go more than a few lines before you get some rant about neo-nodernism among the bishops or the evils of the ‘novus ordo’.

    Tony, you must have a subtle sense of humour because you must have been joking when you recommended this blog.

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