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Here’s a video that’s very popular on YouTube and was filmed at St. Bonaventure in Toronto. It’s a music video that speaks to the yearning for more out of life. For some the answer to life’s questions is found in a life of Gospel living as a Franciscan.We just celebrated the Baptism of the Lord which marks the start of Jesus’ public ministry. Could it be that Jesus is calling you to follow in his path? Is that path as a Franciscan Friar? Find out at

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  1. An interesting ad campaign. I hope it’s fruitful. I think there are people out there who may have a religious vocation but we have very little visible representation of religious today to inspire people.
    I also think that you have to plant a few seeds at a young age; not to actively recruit but just to put it out there as a possibility.
    My older dd is still a bit vague about nuns as she has rarely seen them and never in a school setting.

  2. I understand the need to “grab” the attention of young people. Using profane images, however, and “hip music” in the ad I don’t understand. I showed this to a priest friend of mine and his response was…”YIKES!” as it was mine. We need to protect our children from these images, not use them to get their attention.

  3. I don’t think it was intended for children but more for young adults.
    The intent of my comment was to say that we also need to plant the idea in the minds of children but I wasn’t referring to that ad.

  4. Sorry Patience. I wasn’t referring to your comment, but to the ad itself. I totally agree that we need to plant the seed with our children at every age.

    Sometimes unfortunately a child will be seeing this ad along with the teenager.

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