Violence against women

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This weekend we remembered the horrible anniversary of the Montreal Massacre when the engineering students were killed at the Ecole Polytechnique. Obviously Marc Lepine was a seriously ill young man. However, his anger and the actions he took were directed towards women whom he perceived as a threat. At the heart of violence against women is the desire to control and dominate the other. Regardless of our political positions, religious beliefs, nothing can possibly allow for the oppression of women. Surely, this is true of men and women, but today it’s important to remember that women are often specific targets of violence.


  1. I was pleased to hear that the Archdiocese of Toronto held an event about violence toward women this fall that focused on youth– I do not know many details–did you hear how it went? Additionally, The White Ribon Campaign is a fantastic resource re violent against women.

  2. There was a great event in the Archdiocese put on by Catholic Family Service for which I was registered but I had to bow out at the last minute. One of the pitfalls of parish life is that things can come up quickly that require immediate action. I have not heard how it went. A friend of mine was presenting the youth portion… I should ask.

  3. There was another violent act committed against the women that day before Mark Lepine fired even one shot…the men in the room left the women to fend for themselves. One man left his fiancé and went past Lepine to get out of the room. She died. In this “enlightened” society, women have been screaming “I am woman…hear me roar”. Should we be surprised that men have now forgotten their natural role as protectors of the weaker sex (physically)? Would those men have been injured or killed? Maybe. However, they would have died heroes instead of living as cowards.

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