Hug your child today!

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This morning’s Globe & Mail has a story in the “Lives Lived” section about a young man Nic Robinson who took his own life in August at the tender age of 15. He was a faith-filled boy with friends and family. The column doesn’t really say much about what might have led to his suicide. I am reminded though, that as big as kids get, and as mature they like to act, kids are kids. They need all the love, the hugs, the challenge and faith we can spare. Hug your child today and be grateful.

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  1. We are very grateful and we hug and hug and hug and hug our three children every single day of the week …. even the *big one* who is taller than Mom and Dad 🙂

  2. Fr Rick. I was not able to read the story in the Globe today and so I really do not know anything about the young lad. But as an educator, the first thing that came to my mind is sexuality. The rates for LGBT youth taking their lives is very high. In fact, when there is no other obvious cause for sucide, unhappiness about one’s sexuality is often a huge factor. As Catholics, it is our duty to help all our youth find their way in this life.
    I am certainly not saying that this particular lad was gay, I am just pointing out what often can be true. I will certainly keep the family in prayers.
    PS google “The Trevor Project”

  3. You are right in your comment Friar Rick and TReacy. We can extend this to young teenager which I notice that the love or soft words you’ll give them seemed would mellow their heart and tend to stop getting problematic in class.

    The attention you’ve give them makes their world go round. Like today in my class one student was so aggressive, noisy, ect. I came to her and talk to her softly and she suddenly told me, I like your “scarf’ I have mittens and hat like that, but I have no scarf.” I just newly bought it, and I offered it to her, “Iwill give this to you as my gift, would you accept it?”( She was so happy and stayed foot and finished her work and let other two peers of her finished their work too. It is not the simple scarf, but I think it is the love, and the attention that she had experienced as I tried to connect with her. Thanks for that nice post. I think all of us can be a minister to the young people even if they are not a children of our own.

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