World AIDS Day

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n91713010306_8121Although a lot of the initial hype with the “red ribbon” has diminished, the sad reality of HIV and AIDS continues, especially in developing countries. There are certainly a variety of factors like poverty, drug use and promiscuity which is a part of the problem but ultimately AIDS is a disease. Let us pray for the many women, men and children living with HIV and all those who have died. Let’s also pray for greater awareness of this disease, better means of preventing its transmission and God willing, a cure.

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  1. AIDS and HIV do continue, but lets put the issues of life and death into perspective. Of the 10.6 million premature child deaths worldwide per year:

    2,014,000 die of pneumonia (19%)
    1,908,000 die of diarrhea (18%)
    1,600,000 die of neonatal sepsis (10%)
    1,600,000 die of pre-term delivery (10%)
    848,000 die of malaria (8%)
    848,000 asphyxia at birth (8%)

    The above accounts for 7.73 million or 73% of all child deaths

    380,000 die of AIDS (3%)

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