Walmart employee murdered

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Did you see the news about the 34 year old temporary worker at a Long Island, NY Walmart who was murdered by a hoard of people rushing through the doors, whose hinges had been removed by the waiting public. The doors fell on the employee and hundreds of people walked over the doors, and him to get to the sales.  That’s sick! Walmart should have had better security. This was no “tragic event” but murder. Those hinges were taken off on purpose. People saw those doors come down on the employee. It’s horrible. How sick have we become that a sale at Walmart is more important than a person’s life. Truly a Black Friday!

UPDATE: His name is Jdimytai Damour. May he rest in peace. Please pray for him and his family at this terrible time and his senseless killing. Police are reviewing security recordings to press criminal charges.


  1. I’ve gotten very different feedback from people at Walmart. Many seem to like working there and note how the company hires a lot of people who otherwise would not have a chance at employment.

  2. I seemed like a sign of the dimishing consciousness of the value/dignity of human life treated seemed like a commodity. It’s strange for a civilized society to act as such. I am sure the members of Walmart family are not happy with it. Thanks.

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