Church attendance helps women live longer!

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A study in the United States at Yeshiva University`s School of Medicine has shown that women who attend a religious service once a week have a reduced risk of death. (I wonder if they looked at whether the women in question were married and attending without their husbands. Was it a break from their spouses that helped them live longer?) The study also looked to see if this difference was related to the social network which worship communities provide for people. Guess what… there was still a difference. There is something unique which worshipping does for people which helps them live longer. Could it be…. meaning and purpose in life?


  1. Well I guess you were trying to be funny with the “getting a break from their husbands” comment but as someone who mostly attends with my kids while my dh works; I wish I had more time with him; both in church and out!

    And yes I agree that having meaning and faith in your life is probably life lengthening as well as regular prayer time.

  2. Friar Rick,

    What about the Men who also attend Church Service? It might be more interesting than the women. Sorry, just curious.

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