Roof Update et alia

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Despite the unseasonably cold weather and some snow the roofing is proceeding well. The skylights on the south roof were removed and covered with wood while waiting for the new ones to arrive. They will sit “prone” to the roof (higher) to prevent water from getting in (please Jesus!). We have to wait for the skylights to arrive (hopefully the 28 Nov) before the shingles can go up.

South Roof almost ready for the metal shingles

They’ve installed various layers of moisture and air barriers (black and green layers), some 8 cm of rigid (blue) insulation and the wooden batons that will hold the metal shingles in place. The west roofs, to the left of the picture are being done and they can be shingled right away as there are no skylights there.

If you look on the photo there is a place where 3 metal shingles are in place for spacing purposes. The top one is a terra-cotta type colour (Energy Star rated), the second one is brown and the third, bottom, is the grey, also energy star rated, that we are actually installing. It looks like it will match the top of the steeple/cross.

View from the roof of the new friary. Ministry Centre left at back, old friary at the right in front, Church with green and blue covering.
View from the roof of the new friary. Ministry Centre left at back, old friary at the right in front, Church with green and blue covering.

I also saw the metal flashing colour and it looks good. Contrary to what we thought, the  skylights are actually not brown but pewter in colour. All good. I’m so glad to have our manager Connie looking after all this stuff. I think my head would explode with the details.  She and I and hopefully the whole parish is glad to be working with Anne Floros of Halcrow Yolles, the engineering firm. They are making sure everything is done right.

On the ministry front, besides the usual appointments and meetings and a rash of funerals these last few weeks, a pastoral council committee has been working on a ministry description for a youth minister our parish wants to hire in the New Year. It’s very exciting. And just to keep things interesting I am also working with Friar Tom Purcell, the E.D. for St. Clare Inn and other board members on how we can raise some money for this project of transitional housing for homeless women with mental health issues.

Tomorrow I’m driving to Montreal for a couple of days to see my parents and family before the Advent/Christmas rush kicks in. Pace e bene!


  1. This roof is supposed to last a minimum of 50 years. It is made of 85% recycled metal and is recyclable. By my calculations I will probably be dead by the time the roof needs replacement or way too old to care!

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