Roofing challenges :)

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Well, our church is getting it’s new roof. The workers are at the top early in the morning when it’s quite cold and rather windy. I pray for their safety daily. They have removed the shingles on the south side of the church and are building up the form for the replacement skylights. They are also working at removing the shingles on the East side roofs which are extremely steep if not plainly vertical!  The plan is to get all the shingles off, the skylights up and the waterproof membrane up before it rains or snows.

In the meantime the church is quite dirty on the inside while debris falls through the ceiling. We’ protected the church as best as possible, especially the large cross. During these days we are celebrating Eucharist in the Parish Centre. This has its own unique challenges as the centre is quite busy these days with parish events. (And this is after reducing the number of bookings in light of the roof construction!) Talk about crazy time. I’m off soon this morning to go and help set up the room for mass. Oh, and our custodian hurt himself last week and is off!

We also have some exciting developments on the ministry front with out continued discernment about what we want out of a Youth Minister for the parish. Our plan is to hire someone in the new year. We also have our Parish Social Ministry team working to establish a new “seniors’ club” for the parish. We’ve identified a leader and a couple of volunteers. It’s all good and exciting.