Children’s Liturgies remain

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Ah… I almost forgot. There was quite a discussion on this blog, and in some less than loving places on the blogpshere, about the use of Eucharistic Prayers for Children and their place in the revisions of the liturgy. I had a chance to ask Msgr. Harbert of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy about this.  He showed me that the Children’s Prayers were moved to the very back of the Official Latin edition of 2002 Roman Missal.  It’s at the back he said, presumably because they don’t expect people will actually use them… in Latin… with children! The thought is that these prayers won’t be in the main Roman Missal when it comes out again, but rather that there will be a specific Sacramentary for Children’s Liturgy. All the resources will be together and it will hopefully prevent their use at liturgies with adults. Fair enough.