In the air again!

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Well, after only about a month home since my vacation in September, I have once again taken to the skies! This time it’s a flight to San Francisco and a short drive to the small town of Palo Alto near Stanford University. I am staying at the Jesuit Retreat Center here for a two week retreat known as the Sacro Convento Experience (SCE).

The SCE is a continuing education experience mandated for all of the Friars Minor Conventual of the United States and Canada. It is named after our “mother house” the friary in Assisi known as the Sacro Convent. In Europe friaries are known as convents. Thus our branch, the Conventuals, were known for living in large urban convents.

This experience for the friars has been held for groups of friars of about 50 in various locations in the US over the last couple of years. My time here in California is the last of the events. It’s not too shabby a place to come, eh!

I’ll keep you posted as I enter into the experience. Please remember us, who have come together from various parts of the continent and represent many jurisdictions, cultures and ages.

….. oh, and I can’t write a post without some reference to food! On the way from the airport in San Francisco  I stopped in a Taco place called La Salsa in Palo Alto. I had a Veracruz Burrito with shrimp. It’s amazing how much better Mexican cuisine is down here.  Hot, flavourful and comforting! Yummy! I must admit there is lots to love about California.

And yes, some of you may have guessed correctly that I’ll be here for the elections on Nov 4th. It should be interesting. Keep you posted.