Gems from the Synod

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Tom Rosica, csb, reports from the Synod about the final message which challenges us to connect the Word of God with real life. He has highlighted some key passages which are quite evocative!

“The last image of this spiritual map is the Road upon which the Word of God travels. … The Word of God must travel the roads of the world, which today also include those of electronic, televisual and virtual communication. The Bible must enter into families … schools and all cultural environments. … Its symbolic, poetic and narrative richness makes it a sign of beauty, both for the faith and for culture itself, in a world often disfigured by ugliness and brutality.”

“The Bible, however, also presents the breath of suffering that arises from the earth, it reaches out to the cry of the oppressed and to the laments of forlorn. At its summit is the cross where Christ, alone and abandoned, experienced the tragedy of atrocious suffering and death. Precisely because of this presence of the Son of God, the darkness of evil and death is irradiated with Paschal light and with hope of glory. … Along the roads of the world we often meet men and women of other religions who listen to and faithfully practice the dictates of their own holy books and who with us can build a world of peace and light.”