The next Liberal leader?

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It seems that Mr. Dion’s days as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada are numbered after the election results of last night. There is speculation that besides Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae( former Ontario Premier)  as possible leaders people are also thinking of Justin Trudeau( son of P.E.T). Trudeau supported Gerard Kennedy (formerly Minister of Education and ExDir of The Daily Bread Foodbank in Toronto) during the Liberal leadership convention.  Would a fresh, young team of Trudeau and Kennedy bring about the kind of authentic renewal the Liberals need to regain credibility? Would we have our own Obama-rama or Trudeau-mania or even the Kennedy Camelot?  Who knows. But it is great to see young people of all political perspectives daring to take on the dirty word… politics! Public service in politics has been much maligned lately. But it’s in politics that community, spirituality, public policy and money all come together. It’s in politics that the rubber meets the pavement. We should be greatful to all those who ran in the election yesterday… and to those who still may lead one day.