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My friend at the Synod, Fr. Tom Rosica who is sending a daily message from the Synod has this to say about Bishop Tagle, one of my favourite speakers at the Eucharistic Congress. It’s quite interesting and might be helpful for this blog.

Aside from Kicanas, the only other round of applause from this morning’s session was drawn by Bishop Luis Tagle of the Imus diocese in the Philippines. His speech focused on what one might call the opposite of preaching – the art of listening.

People today, Tagle said, “are trapped in a milieu of monologues, inattentiveness, noise, intolerance and self-absorption … No one seems to listen.” To buck that trend, Tagle said, the church is called to show that sincere dialogue and respect are still possible.

The Bible is a precious resource in that regard, Tagle said, because it shows a God who not only speaks but also listens – “especially to the just, widows, orphans, persecuted, and the poor who have no voice.”

In that spirit, Tagle said, “the church must listen the way God listens, and lend its voice to the voiceless.”