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Dear commenentators. We need to cool our jets! I have mentioned before that this blog presumes that we are working on the same “team” that of the Gospel. There may be groups, theologies, aspects of the Church we don’t like but this does not mean that we can become hostile. There are times that we can find some groups rather problematic.

I think it makes no sense to demonize Opus Dei. I too have some mixed feelings about Opus Dei. In theory I like the vision of being a source of leaven for our world to influence change. My major challenge with the group? The people that I know who are members never smile! If Opus Dei is a something that helps people come closer to God…. well, it’s not showing on some people’s faces. Perhaps it’s just the people around me?  Do I know all the members? No. Could I be wrong? Yes.  Do I think there is an Opus Dei conspiracy? No. However I do think that Opus Dei’s approach is a little bit elitist and leaves one feeling a little weird. But, others I know find it helps them spiritually. One of my highschool friend’s father is a leader in Opus Dei in Montreal. You could not find a nicer man. Somehow normal people can also be in Opus Dei. It’s not my cup of tea, but for others?

One of the challenges with some groups on the “right” which makes them most dangerous though is that they often cloak themselves in the mantle of “orthodoxy”. Like I said on the topic of Children’s Liturgy there are people going on and on in a weird frenzy about abolishing the Eucharistic Prayers for Children! When did that become a critical issue in the Church?  What happens though is that they make it an issue of fidelity to the Church; which is nonsense!

Are there groups on the left that I don’t like? Surely. I don’t believe that the way to promote theological perspectives is to protest, in or outside, of churches. No matter how profound our beliefs or how hurt we may feel by the church… it makes no sense to protest as if it were a political campaign. I also don’t like the sloppy thinking of people who want all sort of reform… a la Vatican III, but clearly don’t even know or understand Vatican II. The true future of the church is not in conformity to the WORLD but in being a reflection of the Gospel.

If we don’t stop fighting we will miss the opportunity to help people connect Life and the Gospel That’s what this blog seeks to do. This is not a Conservative blog, nor is it really a Liberal blog. It’s just some of my thoughts and reflections. Be advised that if people start throwing mud at each other I’m going to press delete!


  1. Hi, Nice blog! Thanks for this. Agree we should not demonize OD.

    I just found that you seemed to be contradicting yourself when you said: “The people that I know who are members never smile! … Then you say: One of my highschool friend’s father is a leader in Opus Dei in Montreal. You could not find a nicer man.

    You seem to be contradicting yourself also when you say: “I think it makes no sense to demonize Opus Dei.” Then you say: “Somehow normal people can also be in Opus Dei”, implying that it is easier to find abnormal people in OD.

    I think the lesson is: avoid generalizations…. 🙂

    What I read in Wikipedia about Catholic hierarchy’s support is enough for me. B16 said it is absolutelly faithful to Catholic faith. JP2 said Escriva is a great saint, and said OD was founded under divine inspiration….

  2. Hi Father Rick, I just happened across your blog. I am located in Ireland. I am a supernumary in Opus dei. I just want to thankyou for your comment. Its really telling that you think Opus dei people don’t smile. When we examine are consience we are encouraged to look at how “cheerful” we have been, and whether we are making life difficult for those close to us or who live with us. It looks like we might need to work on that one.

    Anyhow this elitist is off to try and potty train her two and half year old.

    Wish me luck

    God Bless

  3. Alice, Mags… thanks for your comments. I guess my own comments reflect my conflicted views on Opus Dei. I know more than one good person in Opus Dei… but I just don’t find the spirituality appealing.

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