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Last night our parish held a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. It’s something we haven’t done in a long time. It had been a custom in the parish, but then the fear of possibly “missing” someone and offending sort of paralyzed the process. Margaret Visser, the Toronto cultural anthropologist, has just written an important book on giving thanks. It’s not always comfortable, especially in anglo cultures, and we have a hard time expressing our thanks… but it is so necessary.
A parish is nothing without the parish ministers who volunteer their time. We are all so blessed by the Lord in many ways… we are blessed with life, our resources and God’s very presence given to us in the Eucharist. These gifts, by their very nature, require a response of gratitude from us, which is expressed in our service and love for others.
St. Bonaventure Parish is blessed by so many people who give of themselves. They do so out of love for the Lord and out of commitment to their neighbour. I am especially impressed by the commitment of our seniors who give so much of their time. It is their energy and dedication that inspired me to come to St. Bonaventure. I am also grateful for so many parishioners who are very busy with family, work (some with two jobs to make ends meet), and who manage to carve out time for service to the community. Amazing!
We are indeed blessed, first and foremost by the Lord and then by those who are his disciples.
Thank You.


  1. Goodness “begets” goodness. Thank you too for such generousity to recognize our participation in the parish. I am grateful to God that I found a Parish that is lively and I am happy doing those little things as volunter. I am very grateful too for your “gratefulness and appreciation” for the things we do. YOu don’t have any intention to miss anybody. The beautiful experience being in the community pays it all. Many thanks Friar Rick for your gift of sensitivity. It just happened.

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