Ciao Roma!

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Greetings from the Rome Airport. I hope many of you have enjoyed sharing the great privilege I had of the pilgrimage to the Eternal City. I am most grateful to all who made it possible; the friars who gave me the time off, the benefactors who helped pay for it and of course Fr. George and my other fellow pilgrims in Rome. It was truly a blessed experience which I will cherish for a long time.

It’ too bad some can’t get over the fact that I happen not to like some things… like funny outfits or the bones of friars stacked in flower arrangements.  People focus on what they want and miss the rest. I guess we all do it.  Even the Holy Father can’t make everyone happy. Check out the following:

Cardinal: Some not satisfied even after pope’s Tridentine Mass decree

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

ROME (CNS) — Rather than being grateful, some people have reacted to Pope Benedict XVI’s wider permission for the celebration of the Tridentine Mass with further demands, said Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos.

The cardinal, president of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei,” spoke Sept. 16 at a conference marking the first anniversary of “Summorum Pontificum,” the document by which Pope Benedict expanded access to the Tridentine rite, the Mass rite used before the Second Vatican Council.

Cardinal Castrillon, whose commission works with communities using the old rite, said his office continues to receive letters requesting the Tridentine rite be used not just at one Mass a week but at every Mass, and that such Masses be available not just at one church in a town but at every church.

He said he even got a letter demanding that Rome’s Basilica of St. Mary Major be dedicated exclusively to the celebration of the Tridentine-rite Mass.

Such people, he said, are “insatiable, incredible.”

“They do not know the harm they are doing,” Cardinal Castrillon said, adding that when the Vatican does not accept their demands immediately “they go directly to the Internet” and post their complaints.

The cardinal and officials in his office have been saying for more than a year now that they were preparing detailed instructions responding to questions about how to implement the papal document, which said the Mass in the new Roman Missal, introduced in 1970, remains the ordinary way of Catholic worship.

Asked about the status of those detailed instructions, Cardinal Castrillon told Catholic News Service that his office had completed its work and passed the draft on to the pope, who would make the final decision about its publication.

In addition to responding to the desire of Catholics who wanted more frequent and easier access to Mass celebrated in the old rite, the pope’s 2007 document was seen as a major step toward reconciliation with the followers of the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was excommunicated when he ordained four bishops against the express wishes of Pope John Paul II.

But the process of reconciliation broke down in late June when Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior of the Society of St. Pius X and one of the four bishops ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre, failed to meet four conditions posed by Cardinal Castrillon for moving the process forward.

“The Eucharist should never become a point of contrast and a point of separation,” Cardinal Castrillon said at the Sept. 16 conference. “What is more important: the mystery of God who becomes bread or the language by which we celebrate the mystery?”

The cardinal said the Mass — in whatever language it is celebrated — must be a service motivated by love and “never a sword” used against other Christians.

By making it easier for priests to celebrate the older liturgy and for the faithful to have access to it, he said, “the vicar of Christ (the pope) was not just exercising his task of governing, but was exercising his task of sanctifying” the people of God.

“When we are before the greatest expression of love for humanity — the Eucharist — how can we fight?” Cardinal Castrillon asked.


  1. No Friar Rick what we don’t like is not your opinion but rather your blind ignorance. Your intolerance. You’ve referred to me as being such for not understanding the 200 grown men pounding nails into a cross. Well I admitted I didn’t understand. Now here you go criticizing things you don’t understand. So Fr. I am simply calling the pot black. Be consistent with your actions. If you are going to be hypocritcal I will point it out. You are not above reproach just because you sometimes wear a habit.

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