And now from Rome

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Sorry for the delay folks… the days have been long and the evenings include late dinners and plenty of wine… which doesn’t make for blog writing! Here’s the end of Padua and start to the Roman days!

Sept 7th… still in Padova.

That evening Friar Mario and a friend and I went out to the movies. It was in a new movie theatre complex that is very “American” in style.. lots of kids and quite noisy. There were two restaurants in the complex and we had a pizza prior to the film. We went to see an Italian movie that was shown at the Venice Film Festival: Una Giornatta Perfetta! (A perfect day). I hated it! It was sooooo  depressing ; I wanted to slit my wrists. I don’t recommend it.
Padova-Roma (Sept 8)
Monday morning Massimo Maggio and his son Andrea, 12 and already taller than me, took me to the Padova train station where I took the Eurostar to Rome. It was a great 4 hour ride. The train was comfortable and clean and the experience was quite pleasant.  We arrived at Termini station where I took the taxi to the hotel where I was joining a group of pilgrims.
The Albergho Santa Chiara is directly behind the Pantheon in Rome. Location, Location, Location!!! It’s a 3 star hotel and very nice. My room, a single, is typical of Italian hotel rooms… tiny! But it is really well designed and everything fits. I have  a nice view of the Piazza S. Chiara. I was so delighted to be there… and enjoyed the Air Conditioning.  The temperature in Rome was hovering around 35 centigrade and humid.


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