Sign comes down from Catholic School

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Driving past our parish and the local Catholic St. Bonaventure School, I noticed something new. The horrible sign with the trustee’s name is gone! Finally. I hated those signs which were on all the schools in Toronto. The signs has the pretense of giving people information on how to access the schoolboard. Funny enough, the phone number was not the largest item. No, no, the largest, big, bold item was the name of the trustee. Talk about shameful self-promotion. The other interesting thing was that some of the information on the sign was incorrect.

Now that this “scandal” of the schoolboard has surfaced… the signs have disappeared. Perhaps we should all put our own signs up when election time comes so that we can remember clearly the names of our trustees.

What is most upsetting about this is seeing how much our local school, our teachers struggle to have the resources they need and at the same time, money is spent in frivolous ways. Wow.

At least this whole issue with the board has brought the signs down. They were ugly!


  1. Thank you for a very prophetic and symphatizing post. What is more consoling is if the truth prevails after the process of investigation’

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