GodTube.com – Nailing Our Sins To The Cross

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During our Assembly we were challenged to let go of all those sins, hurts, that are obstacles to our moving freely into the future. We were invited to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation and/or to be reconciled with one another. This day included giving all these back to the Lord by nailing them to his Cross. The Reconciliation liturgy ended with that great song of “I Say Yes, Lord”.

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  1. Oh wow, Franciscan carpenter wanna be’s. Do sins actually get forgiven when you hammer nails? Honestly Friar Rick, what signifigance does this serve? Is it theraputic? Does buttering bread bring us closer to the Eucharist? Forgive my sarcasim but I really don’t get this? It seems silly a group of grown men putting a nail in a cross. I get the symbolism. But it seems akin to the Tim Hortons line for communion which Vox brought up in another post. Do try to enlighten me on the usefulness of this activity.

  2. Do you ever light a candle for someone in prayerful remembrance? Isn’t the lighting of the candle a ritual action symbolic of the internal turn towards prayer? I am sure if you try you might see the connection between letting go, handing things over to the Lord and the nailing on the Cross.

    How arrogant are you that you do not respect 200 vowed religious men expressing their desire for reconciliation and dependence on God?

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