Habitat for Humanity

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Today I got up early and joined 27 other parishioners for our parish build at Habitat for Humanity in Toronto. We came together on Kingston Road near a couple of building containing several town-house units. To our group were joined several other volunteers including the crew leaders… those who actually know what to do!

The homes are pretty much done, the masons were finishing the brick work. The dry-wall was up and taped and now needed to have the “mud” sanded down. It was a messy job. We got masks and all sorts of equipment. Others were involved in preparing for the flooring while others did finishing work; and it is hard work!

We had a couple of short breaks during the day and a good one hour lunch for pizza. An interesting aspect of the project was working with some of the families who will be living in the houses we are building. That was really cool!

I am glad our parish was able to participate. This event was truly in the Spirit of Assisi which is our parish’s vision to reach out in the community. Thanks to Judy Beca of our parish who participated in a build in Hungary and organized this event here in Toronto.

Now if only I can get the dry-wall dust out of my nose!!!

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  1. No doubt, it is a very noble work.

    Friar Rick, hope you still have an energy left to remove dust clog inside your nose.

    The faces of the modern super men and women show a joyful sense of pride for the great achievement.

    All of you must be very, very tired.

    Congratulation to all!!!!!

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