1. I cannot believed a big group can sing wondefully like this. I don’t know if you ever had a practice before you all sing.

    How I wish you have taped more songs and have it for fundraising money. All of you “guys” are endowed with extraordinary talent in singing that comes fromt The HEART! It’s very TOUCHING. It seems you are serenading the Lord and the Church as a whole. Another tool for integration for those of us who listen.
    THANKS Friar Rick.

  2. Fr. Rick,

    Is this in one of the convention halls in the Marriott Hotel in Baltimore? It looks familiar, I was staying there and stuck my head into an Amway meeting.

    Can’t say I know the hymn that was being sung. It was a bit sappy.

  3. You are right. The super-gift of the pianist makes the singing extra ordinary. I love to listen to the song. The melody is like a magnet. Thanks Friar Rick for sharing this in your blog.

  4. The pianist is Thomas Andino of Syracuse, NY. He is a liturgical musician with degrees in music and liturgical theology. He is quite talented and a really nice guy. We had him join us at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Baltimore.
    I’ll see if I can get some more videos that have less “sappy” songs πŸ˜‰

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