Morgentaler to get Order of Canada

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What a scandal. I don’t like demeaning people, even Dr. Morgentaler, but the idea of giving him this great honour makes no sense. I really appreciated Archbishop Collin’s statement which is a sane, reasoned and respectful response and which tells the truth.

Let us pray for all victims of abortion; the children, the parents, the misguided medical professionals and society in general which learns to devalue life.

Look to for Archbishop Collins’ statement from Toronto.


  1. I read Archbishop’s Collin’s statements. It is very strong and yet in a Spirit of a very loving corrections.

    Thanks for this post Friar Rick.

  2. Unfortunately I’m not surprised by this here. That doesn’t mean I’m not as disappointed as you are. This country has turned so far away from God. Our society in general has either become numb or active in celebrating evil. St Joseph Pray For us.

    V. Sancte Joseph.
    R. Ora pro nobis.

  3. It’s obvious that some catholics don’t respect anyone else’s opinion and are perfectly willing to impose their religious views on other Canadians with the law.
    Instead interfering in politics the catholic clergy should go back to what it does best, protecting child molesters.

  4. Hi Boko999

    It seems that some people are very judgemental and disrespectful of others without knowing them. Do you know my views? Do you know who I approach people on this subject – or if I even talk about it?
    I would say that you dont’ know what your talking about. Instead you are just spouting hostile retoric. Perhaps if you weren’t so disrespectful we could have had a dialouge.
    Let me know if you are interested.


  5. I believed that as Catholic we cannot dichotomized or not to interfer politics. Our whole life is being affected by the choices of politician. How can we not voice out our views if we are really committed to the gospels? it’s here prophetic witnessing comes in.

    We can go back to what had happened to many prophets in the O.T. like Jeremiah who was perscuted because he opposed strongly the injustices that were happening in his society.

    Silence means we APPROVED! it does not matter if they don’t follow us, but we air out what we believed. Thanks.

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