Friary BBQ for Canada Day

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The 5 friars in Don Mills (Toronto) and the 4 friars from Burlington, Ontario came together for a BBQ today. We had some PC Angus burgers and sausages with those new PC thin buns. Really good. Here are some pictures, including the friars eating, Friar Boniface showing his Canadian pride (before he eats it), Friar Moe getting ice-cream… and sadly Friar Moe sporting the greatest faux-pas a friar could do… wearing socks with his Birkenstock sandals. So, so sad 😦


  1. Happy Canada Day to all of you FRIARS!!!!!

    Where are the other Friars Fr. Rick, that even you is not found in this picture? Maybe “barbecuing.”

    Good bite Friar Bonafice!!!!!

  2. Great to get a glimpse of your time together. I really wish there was still a Franciscan community here in Winnipeg. Our little community is being inspired to live by St. Francis example more and more each day!


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