Thank you to Québec

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The Eucharistic Congress was truly a profound experience for me. It was so grounded in good Eucharistic theology, profound witnesses, solemn and  beautiful pontifical masses, creative liturgical experiences and a thirst for justice and peace. Wow, what an experience.

I am very grateful to the organizers in Québec who did such a great job. The people of the city and the volunteers were great hosts.

The pilgrimage from Toronto was a deeper experience for me as a member of the committee. People had worked hard to prepare the pilgrimage. Despite problems with buses and all sorts of crazy weather we had a great time.  The sense of pilgrimage, gratitude, spirit, and positive energy displayed by the pilgrims was very inspiring. Thank you to all.

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  1. Friar Rick, what a great experience that you are in Marathon. So much to learn how you describe your involvement (from Quebec to Baltimore) aside from the content of your blog.

    It seems you are floating…. No shades of complain and tiredness. Is this is the magic of the Power of the HOly Spirit at work?

    Thus, it is true that what one gets, depends on what one’s give.

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