1. Bishop Tagle is our Bishop here in the Diocese of Imus, Cavite Philippines, he is an eloquent and effective speaker. He has this God given ability to humanize the gospel so that everyone can understand it regardless if his listeners are learned or not. This can easily be gauge by the reaction of his audience. He is also very humble.

    Whenever he visits our Parish it’s always teeming with people eager to attend his Mass and attentively listen to his Homily.

    As to your comment that he is a future Pope, I very much agree!

    Marino J. Dasmarinas

  2. When I read your line that he would be the next Pope I was remined of an article from the Economist magazine a few years back that open with “Its hard to take the Philipines seriously…”

  3. With human minds, maybe. But, if it is God’s “WILL” it will. For there is nothing impossible with God. Thanks.

  4. The Bishop spoke w/ such passion and conviction, you really feel The Spirit speaking!

    A lot of what he said made perfect sense and this is something we need from our religious leaders.

  5. I too am from the Diocese of Imus and I definitely agree that he has the capacity and the grace to be our Pope. When he speaks, you could easily recognize the Spirit of God flowing through his listeners.

    He is my all-time idol and forever will be my
    Lord Bishop!

  6. Hi. In case you didnt know, I just want to say that Bishop Tagle had been made the Archbishop of Manila – the capital of the Philippines- last December 2012 (one of the youngest so far, in just 54 years of age), and most likely in line to be a Cardinal as all Archbishops go. We at the Diocese of Imus were so sad to let him go, but we know this man is too great a man of God that he deserves a wider audience, which Manila will provide, so that more people would hear his words and be inspired by the Holy Spirit. As to your comment about his possibility of papacy, well who knows right? You are not alone in thinking so. If you look it up, vatican analysts are now even saying that he could be the future pope someday.

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