Eucharist: Memorial of the Paschal Mystery

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The morning catechesis was by Cardinal Barbarin, bishop of Lyon. He was excellent and reminded us that God is the one who first acts in our lives. All the we do is a response to  it. The heart of the Eucharist is reflected in the Sacred Triduum. Holy Thursday speaks of the Communion we share in the Eucharist. Good Friday points to the Eucharist as Sacrifice and Easter, Christ’s abiding presence

We had a witness talk be Fr. Nicholas Buttet, founder of the Eucharistein Fraternity. He spoke of his experience of the Eucharist and especially adoration and how it transformed his life and that of the vulnerable with which he works. He offered us a choice: transformation of humanity by adoration or disfiguration of humanity by consomation (consumerism).

We were greated at lunch with a downpour of rain. It was wet! But, as our fearless leader, Fr. Liborio told us, we are pilgrims.. and that’s all part of pilgrimage.  Here is Fr. Liborio, wet & hungry, but making friends with a pilgrim from London Diocese in Ontario.

We also later had a chance to visit the Shrine of Sainte-Anne where we celebrated Evening Prayer. Here I am with Kitty McGilly and Fr. Pat O’Dea of the Newman Centre in Toronto.

In the evening, after dinner, Kitty and I continued the reflection process with the group and asked them to think of when Jesus says: “Do this in memory of me.” What is the THIS? Read Phil 2: 1-6 for the direction of our discussion. People shared together over dessert. It was a very dynamic conversation.

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  1. I can sense that each one becomes a “Eucharist for each other.” Jesus Incarnates in each other. Thanks Friar Rick for your great reflection…..

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