Greetings from Mont-Sainte-Anne, Québec

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Well, I’m back!

The 49th International Eucharistic Congress in Québec is about to begin. I am writing from the the small town of Beaupré outside of Québec City where the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Congress Committee has gathered to prepare the way for some 450 Archdiocesan Pilgrims. Many others from Toronto are coming as well with other groups, including one parish bringing some 800 pilgrims for the weekend.

The Archdiocesan Pilgrimage is a unique experience that was originally initiated by Cardinal Ambrozic, the former Archbishop of Toronto some 3 years ago. He charged a committee to prepare a journey of faith for the people of Toronto who would attend the Congress so that it might be an experience that really makes a difference. With the support of our new Ordinary, Archbishop Thomas Collins, the Committee has fashioned this pilgrimage.

The 450 Toronto pilgrims are all staying together at the Chateau Mont-Sainte-Anne where we will gather for meals together, attend the Congress events together and especially take the time for a process of reflection that will challenge us us to “bring home” this experience.

Friar Rick, Kitty McGilly & Fr. Liborio Amaral feeling a little anxious about where the are going to put the 450 pilgrims.

Here we are on the top of Mont-Sainte-Anne (Friar Rick, Kitty McGilly & Fr. Liborio Amaral) preparing for Friday’s prayer service. We look a tad worried trying to figure out how to fit the 450 people, don’t we? Tomorrow the pilgrims arrive on 9 buses after a 10 hour bus ride. They will find a beautiful environment in which to celebrate, pray and reflect on the Eucharist.

Please pray for our Committee and for all the pilgrims… from Toronto and from all over the world who are gathering in Québec.

Stay informed about the events by visiting my friends at and our own for more information.


  1. How wonderful for all of those able to be there in Quebec. May this result in an outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT on all of Canada!

    Friar Rick, perhaps you might want to take in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter…The FSSP at the International Eucharistic Congress in Québec:

    Between June 15th and 22nd 2008 in Québec, FSSP priests will propose Eucharistic devotions and lectures, as well as solemn liturgies. In particular:
    • Sunday 15th June: recollection for Confraternity members and other persons interested
    • Saturday 21st June, 10am, Pontifical High Mass by Bishop André-Mutien Léonard of Namur (Belgium), assisted by FSSP Superior General Fr John Berg.

  2. Why would I want to be a spectator at mass when I can be an active participant in the liturgy. I watched one tridentine mass on video and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go back to it. I know my parents or others of a certain age would not want to go back to that. Truly, no offense is meant, it just doesn’t appeal to me in the least. I love and appreciate the Eucharist and hope to celebrate it well. I hope and pray we continue to celebrate the sacred mysteries well and in manner which builds up the People of God and connects with the reality of our lived experience.

  3. Friar Rick,

    First, you should know that yesterday in London, His Eminence Dario Castrillon de Holos said that the Mass will not be in “many but in all parishes” which will include St. Bonaventure and will include you, with all respect.

    Do you know that all seminaries are going to be required to teach each seminarian how to say the Mass?

    No offence Friar but you are perpetuating a false understanding and a false translation. Pope Saint Piux X first coined the phase “participatio actuosa” in his motu proprio on the Sacred Liturgy and Gregorian chant, Tra le Sollecitudini. This Motu Proprio is still in force today, though largely ignored, and was the basis for Pope Piux XII’s Mediator Dei and the Second Vatican Council document Sacrosanctam Concilium.

    Yes, it is true that the english language translation of Sacrosanctam Concilium uses the phrase “active participation.” But, as with most english translations from the Latin as the putrid ICEL version of the Mass (“et cum spiritu tuo” does not mean the redundant “and also with you) it is simply wrong and has been the cause of much damage to the liturgy and by extension, the whole Church including vocations and personal holiness. I am not speaking of specific priests or laity but in general. The fruit is all around us.

    The word “actuoso” means much more than active. Active literally translates in Latin to “strenuus.” Perhaps then we should have “strenuous participation.” Truly, some happy-clappy liturgies are indeed very “strenuous!”

    More fully it means “actual” which is more complex than simply doing something active or outwardly. It means full or true or complete.

    You watched the Mass on a video or dvd. But you have never been to the Extraordinary Form. Are you saying that I do not “actively participate” or that I am a spectator.

    Tell me Friar, am I any less of a spectator watching the Priest face me or engage in a Barney Mass or Hay Bale Mass or Puppet Mass by Remi de Roo?

    Have you read anything by Pope Benedict on the liturgy?

    Do you know that “active participation” is first “interior?”

    I will “actively participate” in my interior prayer, outward singing and physical gestures in the Extraordinary Form perhaps even more so than in the Ordinary Form because it demands that one pray and contemplate God.

    I am happy to make myself available to consult with you at a reasonable fee on what is true and active participation.

    But since you are in Quebec City, why don’t you simply call on the FSSP

    Perhaps as well you could pray for guidance as a Franciscan to your Serpahic Father Francis. Given what you responded to me do you think that is what he would have done?

    What Mass did the Seraphic Father attend?

    You’re right…those of a “certain” age would not want to “go back” and biology will fix that problem. Go to a Traditional Mass and see the youth and the babies…have you seen the ages of the priests in the FSSP or the ICK? Compare that to our hay bale Jesuit friend in Guelph or Bernard Daly or Remi de Roo?

    No offense, eh?

    You see, I don’t deny the validity of the Novus Ordo. I am condemning liturgical abuses and experimentation which Pope Benedict has also done.

    Are you setting yourself against Pope Benedict?

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