Arrogant Airline – Blue1 blew it!

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As I mentioned, I am fascinated with airplanes, flying and all things related. I was checking out the StarAlliance website and visited the site of Blue1, an affiliated regional carrier of SAS, the Scandinavian airline. It offers service to Rome. Check out the description of the destination. [bold is mine].

Visit Rome and let yourself be knocked out by its breathtaking, eternal ambiance. This eternal city has a blend of many things, which make it so grand. The arrogant opulence of the Vatican, the timelessness of the Forum, the top speed of a Fiat Bambino or the millions of cats in the Colosseum just to mention a few mixtures in Rome. Fly to Rome with Blue1 directly and feel the huge thrill of centuries of turbulent ancient history under your feet.

You can see the site yourself. I could not believe it. Imagine having such a blatant anti-Catholic ad on your website. Incredible!


  1. Thank You Friar Rick for pointing this out. And Thank you Michael. I have also lodged a complaint. I really don’t think they would be using any such wording to describe Mecca. This type of anti Catholic bigorty needs to stop!

  2. I take offence that the writer claims there are “millions of cats…” in the Colosseum. At best there are 60 or so of us in the ruins wandering around and providing a fun photo ops for the tourists. We are a welcome distraction from the grim realities of the Colloseum.

    And for your information Blue1 twits, we’re taken care of by the Rome humane society, fed and given regular meals. Your copywriter is anti-feline! May he choke on a Persian hairball!

  3. Snagglepus,
    If I were the judging type, which I’m not, aside from judging you grew up in the late 60’s. I would judge that you were being less than chartitable to Michael and Mobius. There is nothing wrong with pointing out something that is considered offensive. Although I haven’t and won’t check out the links to the website my hats off to them for standing up for something. Its easy to berate and critize people with simple sarcasim. I hope that during the rest of your day you too contribute to the good in the world.

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