My secret addiction

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Well, it’s not so secret… I love airplanes. I find them fascinating and beautiful and thrilling to ride. Some people travel to get places. I like to travel in order to fly. There’s a whole industry out there around people like me. Unlike many people I don’t travel a lot for work.  Those who are always going back and forth on planes probably find it tiresome after a while.  Fortunately I get to fly just enough to make it fun. I also love researching the planes I am going on. I enjoy reading all about what people have experienced.  In a way it’s kind of a hobby for me.   If you are like me and want to find out more you can check out these interesting sites. tells you which are the best seats in most airlines’ planes is quite self explanatory gives you the ratings and reviews of airlines and specific flights is a forum about airlines and their rewards programs. Most interesting!

Finally, here’s the plane that I am looking to fly on in the future. It’s the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It looks so cool! Check out the video.


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