Vatican II’s liturgy and forward

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This week’s Catholic Register in Toronto published an excellent article by Bernard Daly. This article challenges some recent statements that changes that were made to the liturgy in light of Vatican II “…were effected hastily without proper research or due reflection.” Daly questions whether Pope Paul VI made hasty decisions. In fact it seems that any abuses that took place after the restoration of the liturgy was due to to the delays in texts and rituals rather than haste. The author calls the Church to celebrate the gifts of the past and to have our sights on the future to which God call us.

Read the article in The Catholic Register.

Mr. Daly is the publisher emeritus of The Register and worked for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. A version of this article appears in The Tablet as a letter to the editor.


  1. Father,

    Since you posted this one and I assume that it must have struck a cord with you. What do you think is under attack with the liturgy?

    For me it’s just be a re-balance of an injustice to having the 1962 liturgy. One that should never have effectively been made illegal. Mr. Daly qualified his statement that the changes were welcomed in Canada. I have to accept his statement, since I don’t have any knowledge one way or the other one it. I can speak from some of the states in the USA. (New jersey, California, Florida) and it accepted with resentment & regret by the laity for those that stayed and rejected by I would guess 30% who left. Half to schismatic groups and half simply lost faith.

    The problem today as I see it is that those who do not want any change see the changes as reversing Vat.II. The pope clearly doesn’t see that and neither do I. On the other hand many conservative groups see the changes as not enough and want to eliminate the N.O. The pope won’t do that either.

    Both sides of the issue have to find the middle ground that the Pope has chosen. The first step it to recognize that there are limitations to BOTH liturgies as is for the modern world. Neither side seems to be able to rap their hands around that problem. So I guess it’s going to be painfully for both sides for decades to come.

  2. Honestly, the “physical setting” where the Liturgy takes place speaks a lot. Sorry to say, I cannot sense the Vatican II spirit therein which I believed also influenced the Liturgy.

  3. Father,

    Have you read “The Gates of Hell” or “The Desolate City” by the Anne Roche Muggeridge? If you do, then you will find some interesting facts about Bernard Daly and the Winnipeg Statement.

    Daly, like the first Marini, and the others students of Bugnini are finally realizing that their days are numbered. I am 51 and most of my generation lost their vocation or their faith in much part because of what these men did to the liturgy. This is fact.

    The so-called Mass of Paul VI is valid, but it is often illicit in the manner it is celebrated. I will go further, it was un-necessary. Why? Because the 1965 Missal which I well remember as I was an Altar Boy was everything (except for the yet to come new Lectionary) desired by the Fathers of the Council in Sacrosanctum Concilium. It was the “Tridentine” Mass stripped of many actions and with shortened prayers, said almost everywhere 100% in the vernacular and facing the people.

    Since this was the case then what was the Missa Normative of 1970 all about?

    What it was about was to appeal to protestants in a type of false ecumenism still promoted by a generation that refused to go quietly. But go they will and if necessary, by biology.

    So where are we going?

    My hope is that the Missa Normative (Novus Ordo) slowly morphes into the 1965 Missal with the New Lectionary as the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite and the Tridentine–the Extraordinary Form is allowed to co-exist side-by-side.

    But, two things must also happen.

    1. The Priest in either must face “ad orientem” and the tabernacle must be place back at the centre of the sanctuary.

    2. Communion in the hand must cease.

    Daly was wrong 40 years ago and he is still wrong today.

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