1. Friar Rick

    I was looking at your npage for your hero’s and I noticed the link to Holy Family Monastery. So I checked it out. A bit strange to have taken your picture from there. Anyway I scrolled through and read a couple of things. I don’t agree with their views. However that being said I have always found it interesting the commets that JP II was just a “Catholic Rockstar”. That the young just fall all over themselves to get close to him without really knowing anything about him or the Catholic faith.

    Now I say this with the experience of having been to two World Youth Days. There is sort of a counter pop culture image to the WYD. I’ve encountered many a pilgram who were there just to meet people and have fun, and couldn’t have cared less about the Catholic faith, but were excited about the Pope, simply because he was the Pope. In short he was a world figure a celebrity. – So what is my point in saying this. You refer to him as being great, as many do, myself included. But why do we call him great? I would like to leave open that question and put to rest this personality cult image. Why is he great? It is not just him as a man, but his message. As Marshal Mcluhan put it, the medium is the message. I’ve read “Witness to Hope” – the whole thing. No small feat I might add. What I think is great about this man is his consistant message on the dignity of the person, respect for life no matter what our station in life. He carried his cross and was an example to the world. He was a crusader for the faith. A lite in the darkness where tyranical Governments tried to snuff out the one true faith. A rallying point for the Church in the secular age. He taugh us Not to
    Be Afraid.

    I hope that everyone who admires this man can say why they admire him, instead of just being a celebrity.


  2. Thanks Thomas. I couldn’t find the link you were referring to. Where is it? Is it near the photo? I’m not too too savy when it comes to blogs. So please help.

    As for “the Great”… it’s a traditional term in the church that designates a Pope who was a “giant” or made great accomplishments. It’s not about the cult of the person.

    Yes, one of the JPII’s great gifts was his charisma. He was an actor. He knew how to get the most impact out of his role. Perhaps many young people didn’t come to see him out of firm conviction… but what if in the midst of their “party” they heard a few words from him that spoke to them of God’s love and presence. I saw it happen in Toronto. Never underestimate the power of a few words… the impact can be amazing… especially when it God’s Word.

  3. Friar Rick,

    A personal reflection, what makes this man great? Obviously is his multiple-charisms. He has a “human touch” that draws people of all ages closer to him. Seemed, his person Incarnates the “WORD.” His words and his life is very appealing both to the heart and to the intellect. Finally, is his unwavering conviction to the guidelines and teachings on matters, such as Faith and Morals which he handed down to the Church.

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