No more purple pills?

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Today I started the last batch of the Nexium “purple pills” my doctor gave me to deal with the burning acid feeling in my chest. He gave me three weeks worth after having had a really bad go of the chest pains. (Check out my “Family Day” and “Health Update” posts for the details). The idea was that the Nexium was supposed to came things down for now, but that the real solution was weight loss, exercise and less stress. Ha!

My docs actually been quite gentle about the weight thing… most of the time. The last time he commented on my girth was several years ago. I had just started working at the parish and was beginning to feel pain in my back. His gentle prod got me to go to Weight Watchers where over a period of two years I lost 47lbs and kept it off for quite a while. It was a great experience and I was able to eat all sorts of things. The only “danger” food was pizza. Pizza has way too many WW points per slice. At least I could still have pasta though!

I kept the weight off until a good friend got very sick and died. Throughout that process I started not caring too much. We also got into a major fund-raising and construction mode here at the church… and well, eating felt good. I’ve gone back and forth to the gym… but without the renewed commitment to eating well it doesn’t really do much.

So now, years later, some of the pains and aches are back. My feet hurt. I don’t fit in my clothes. I get out of breathe reaching to tie my shoes… and now acid reflux, or whatever that is. I’ve got to do something. It’s amazing how the human mind, body and spirit work. I know how great I felt when I lost the weight. I remember how much energy I had and yet, I can’t get back into the grove. Perhaps, it’s more accurate to say I haven’t gotten back into the grove. I still can!

Ugh… this week the friary will be filled with lots of guests from Italy. There’s going to be lots of running around, eating and entertaining. I’m going to have to stay focused. I’ll keep you posted.

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