1. I try to avoid politics. I do comment on the economics of it though.

    Nations that have universal healthcare (Canada included) have a very limited military. The USA protects those interests abroad, if those countries had to supply a military to protect the international waterways like the USA, their healthcare system would crumble.

  2. Hi Fr. Rick,

    I don’t see how free trade becomes a threat to our “slow” Canadian health care system. As well our economy has seen growth not declien since the implementation of Free trade, it has been a boom not a bane. One of the moral questions you ask is what kind of jobs do we want in Canada? So do we just look at the issue from a predominantly WASPish country’s perspective that all the good jobs should be here? What about the poor underpaid workers picking coffee beens for $1 a day? Don’t they have a right to improve their lives with the benefits of free trade? Free trade brings innovation and new technologies. There may be rough spots on the road of travel but it does not mean we get off the road.

    By the way, I appreciate your experinces with the US health care system. However they should not be taken as representative of the over-all system. Your experiences are those of an individual. I’ve heard several stories that were positive.

  3. It’s kind of naive to suggest that countries that have universal health care do so because they do not police the world like the US does. Apples and oranges I’m afraid. Canada’s health care system is a social issue not a military one.

    The US spends trillions of dollars on their military while many of its citizens go bankrupt because of health care issues. Not to mention New Orleans, still a shambles years later. Where is the social justice in that?

    I don’t believe much in socialist policies. However, health care should not be a privilege of those that can afford it. The government has a God-given duty to protect it’s citizens not only from terrorists but also from diseases!

  4. Wilfred,

    That wasn’t my point. My point is because countries like Canada chose or are unable or unwilling to have a military with global reach, enables them to provide for universal heath care. IF or when the USA is no longer able to protect USA & Canadian interest around the globe, Canada will then face financial issue which will require cuts in health care.

    I agree with you on New Orleans & in a limited degree on the military spending.

    I believe that the gov’t should protect individuals against heath care procedures that would require the family to sacrifice their life savings to get the procedure. I think the family needs to provide for preventative medical care. If the family is unable to provide for even that much, then it’s up to the church to provide for that, and that it the church’s GOD-given duty.

  5. Quickbeam, yes I know some local Churches around the globe take moral responsibility to individual or families that need medical assistance and even provide the best hospital for proper and more compassionate treatment.

    We are lucky in Canada that our government health care system is in place although from our experience there are some “flaws.” Health care officials and the constituents must be mindful to strengthen such system to avoid more serious problems in the future. Thanks.

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