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  1. I found a complete listing on their site. (I like Charity and Mercy-it starts off with a hilarious skit)

    • Sit, Stand, and Kneel – What is it with those Catholic calisthenics, and why are there so many various prayerful postures used in Liturgy?

    • Candles and Light – Why are there so many candles on the altar, and what does the Bible say about candles and light?

    • Night of the Living Catechism – A Catechism may be bigger than most phone books, but there’s no reason to be afraid of it!

    • Charity and Mercy – Living the beatitudes can be done in everyday life, starting in our homes!

    • Statues and Icons – Do Catholics worship statues and icons? If not, why are there so many statues around?

    • You Are a Priest Forever – A beautiful explanation of the Biblical basis for the sacramental priesthood.

    • Water, Water Everywhere – How water, through baptism and in Scripture, acts as a symbol of death and new life.

    • I Confess! – The Sacrament of Confession is not an interrogation, but a way of bringing us closer to God!

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