1. I remember sitting through A finite mathematics course in university and thinking “Game theory is so otherworldly” but after much cramming and a B+ on the final, I came to see the beauty, logic and yes, practical significance of it.

    How do we really know that the “otherworldliness” or so-called extreme vertical dimension of the Tridentine Liturgy isn’t simply a reflection of our catechetical ignorance and bewilderment of what’s taking place in this liturgy?

    What’s more likely? That God purposely created a means of communication so opaque and irrelevant that we can’t understand it and so “vertical” that it isn’t practical OR….. that maybe all these years we’ve been sitting in the pews we really don’t understand what is going on up there?

    The latter scenario was the case with me for many years until I had the good fortune to find a new parish and build some new friendships with some solid Catholic men who really lived their faith. I now see the Tridentine or a properly licit Novus Ordo Mass) as vitally connected to our lives. The vertical dimension is what makes it horizontally relevant.

  2. I just wish to thank you, Friar Rick, for posting the above reflection. Reading it, I’ve once again experienced the God- moment. I never know where or when our next encounter will take place. YiC, Sonia

  3. Fr. Rick, I have a reflection to share about your very growth promoting topic that triggers further reflection which contributes for my growth of both, the V. and H.

    We have to accept that the the growth of faith of each member of the community is not the same..

    The growth of the vertical and horizontal is an ongoing process and can be nurtured by the proper understanding of the liturgy, ongoing faith formation, involvement and reflection or by being open to be with and for the community.thanks.

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