Health Update

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I visited my physician yesterday and got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that my heart is fine. The bad news is that I’m fat! Well, he was more gentle about it, but that’s the core of the message. The fat in my stomach is pushing the acid up and causing the burning and coughing. I’m on Nexium for a couple of weeks and then I see him again in three weeks. I’ve got to shed 2 kg by then! I guess I had better dust off that WW diary! Keep you posted!


  1. Something could be done to our fat and anybody has it. But, streneous exercise might not be good to you ’cause it might eventually affect your heart as well.What matters most is the good condition of your heart. Take care Fr. Rick.

  2. For the burning I usually take 3 granules of Iris Versicolor (homeopathy – Stomach; Burning of whole alimentary canal) and things calm down a few minutes later.

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