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Since I wrote the tale of my father’s woes with the healthcare system, things got a little bit more dramatic. He began to have a build up of fluid in his lungs.  The edema was in his legs for a while but now it was getting more serious. His family doctor sent him to the hospital urgently. This was clearly a sign of cardiac failure.  He went to Charles-Lemoyne Hospital in Greenfield Park and waited in the ER for 10 hours!

Finally he saw a doctor who had him seen by a lung specialist… but no cardiologist. He stayed overnight and was sent home with a prescription for medications to help his lungs.  There was not mention of his heart or why he has all this fluid build-up.

The next day the edema in his legs went over the knee and in the thighs. He went back to his family doctor who was shocked that he had been released.  He suggested my father return to the hospital. We had family consultation and decided it was best to go on to the island of Montreal to Notre-Dame Hospital (part of the Universite de Montreal Health Centre) where he had an angioplasty 6 years prior.

The people at Notre-Dame could not have been better. He was taken in immediately into “major” emergency department and had every conceivable test done. Amazing care and concern. Nuclear imaging, CT scans, the works!  After about a week the got the situation under control and figured that the problem was combination of factors such as side-effects of his sciatica (not walking), his flu (not sleeping, sleeping in a chair) and not having the best arterial circulation.

Thanks be to God that things have worked out and today he celebrates his 84th birthday at home! This time, I’m the one with a cold and cough that has not gone a way for a couple of weeks and now am on anti-biotics and bronchial meds.  When it rains it pours, eh!


  1. Miracles are still happening, one is with your father. I will apply “theologizing here” that God’s wisdom and goodness bestowed upon your father’s doctor/s and those who took care for him.I pray he will have more birthdays to celebrate and in good health.

    I am sure the Lord will also ‘EMPOWER’ you to liberate yourself from that oppressing cold and cough.
    Get well soon!!!!!!!

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