A woman after my own heart!

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Some of my parishioners think that I am slightly deranged, (ok, perhaps many more do) but some think that I am so because of my insistence that we celebrate the Season of Advent without compromise. Thus the CWL (Catholic Women’s League) annual Christmas Tea was renamed the Advent Tea shortly after my arrival at the parish. Our staff Christmas Party is usually, ideally, held during the Christmas Season (between Dec 25 and the Baptism of the Lord).  Believe it or not, even some of the friars have accused me of being a liturgical purist… or even worst… a liturgist. Remember the difference between a liturgist and a terrorist? You can negotiate with a terrorist! Oh well, let them think what they want. 

The other night, when I couldn’t sleep, I quietly went downstairs to the friary living room, turned on the Christmas Tree (still up after Epiphany!) and read Macleans Magazine. The Capital Diary column included some gossip about Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party. It mentioned her annual Epiphany Party in Ottawa. An Epiphany Party? Who besides friars holds an Epiphany Party? Wow!  Ah, but that’s not all. Because she is running for Parliament in Nova Scotia and wanted to have a celebration in December, she invited people to an Advent Party.  I had to rub my eyes when I read that. Am I dreaming? Did that say “Advent Party”? Yeap, not only is she politically correct, Ms. May is liturgically correct! And to top it off, the article goes on to tell us that she is studying theology at St. Paul’s in Ottawa. Finally a woman after my own heart!

It seems that this Green & Christian politician is becoming less popular with her peers now that she has become a party leader. One of the few MPs to grace her Epiphany part was one of the most decent politicians, John Godfrey… who just happenst to by my MP. Don Valley West is very blessed indeed.


  1. They are Anglicans – brought up in a time when such things were paid attention to in the Anglican church. Alas this is in the past and not the case now. Present (or future) generations of Anglicans will almost certainly not give you the same satisfaction.

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