Yes, Gabriel, it`s still Christmas

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My young nephew Gabriel (8… and a half!) mentioned in passing his sadness at Christmas being over. Over?!?, It has just begun. I went on to explain about the 12 days of Christmas. I figured it was probably easier that trying to expound on the Octave and the Season.

I`m in Montéal these days, basking in the care of parents, the torment of sisters and the horseplay of nephews and neice. The horseplay is quite literal… the little ones have it in thier minds that my role at Christmas is to be the horse… or mule they ride around my parents`living room.  It`s getting a little old! Or maybe I`m just getting a little old!

 I pray and hope that you have a chance to connect with loved ones; friends and family in your life. These are special people who make concrete the Christmas message of God`s tangible presence in our lives.  Our friends and family are the sacrament of ordinary life. As St. Francis said… we are all tabernacles of the Lord… mothers…. when we bring the Lord to one another in our love.

I`m also basking in the beautiful snow that has enveloped most of Ontario and Québec. Santa was really good to me and brought me a couple of the books that I asked for.  Among them are:

All the Pope`s Men: The Inside Story of how the Vatican Really Thinks by John L. Allen, jr.  I have started this one and it is already fascinating. I can`t remember who recommended it to me but it seems quite worthwhile. Already I`ve seen referenced a couple of good people including my friend Tom Rosica, csb.  I`ll be writing more about this book later.


Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, which had been recommended by Margaret Somerville in her book The Ethical Imagination.


  1. Your experience of God in your ordinary life during this Season also becomes a “Sacrament” for me . Your story becomes my “religious experience “for I encounter God’s presence through it in a most ordinary ways.

    From my experience, it’s always a good feeling to have a chance to be with our parents and even for a short time to take care for them. (that’s what I missed if only I can turn the clock around. )

    I was not with my biological family this Christmas. Bit feeling nostalgic.

    But, God’s goodness and Incarnated presence is made manifested to me through friends willing to come over and shared with me the joy of the Season from Christmas to New Year.
    May God continue to bless them all and have a
    filled-peace and good health this New Year 2008.

  2. Many thanks to your Integrated Spirituality. So much to learn from it especially on “Incarnated love ” for our family that many young and old are alike to take it for granted. Then, when we realized, it’s too late.

    Happy New Year!!!!

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