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I don’t often find myself agreeing with Michael Coren’s column in the Toronto Sun.  However, this weekend he had something quite insightful to say about The Golden Compass being banned from Catholic Schools.   If you haven’t heard yet, The Golden Compass is a book and now soon to be released film based on the book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.  According to some Christian media Mr. Pullman is an athiest who has made it his life’s ambition to produce the antithesis to the Lord of the Rings’ subtle spiritual message. 

The heroes of the book and film fight against an evil and dogmatic organization called the Magisterium.  Of course, the Catholic Church’s teaching and governing function is also known as “magisterium”. Coincidence? Hardly.  Coren’s point was that if this was being done to any other religion there would be riots in the streets and cries for people’s heads to be served on a platter (a little bit of Advent… John the Baptist imagery for you.)  Coren also makes the point that it’s not unusual then for the Catholic school system not to want the book in it libraries.  I agree with Mr. Coren.

I first heard about the book/film from our local school principal who gave me a “heads up” about the controversy.  My initial reaction was to think that it’s best to leave it alone rather than to attract more attention to it. However, the more I think about it the more angry I get that people can mock our religion and get away with it.  I also think it’s stupid and irresponsible to write a blog about something that you know only by second hand information.  So, I’m going to do all of us a favour and read the book.  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Thank you for you kind comments. A little surprised that you seldom agree with my Sun column – do you read it each week? Also, do tell me more about your order in Toronto. I didn’t even know it was operating in the city. MC.

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