Ontario Election Priorities

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Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto has published an excellent guide for reflection on Catholic priorities in the Ontario Provincial Elections of October 10th.  The guide notes that while the Catholic community is quick and effective in its response to the critical needs of the community. Quoting Archbishop Collins, the documents states: “If someone is homeless, we house them… But we also need to to look at the roots of those sorts of things. Are there policies of the society that could be changed?”

 Counting On Your Vote focuses on three priorities that Catholics should keep in mind as they are preparing to vote.

  1. Insufficient Funds For Programs: Catholic Charities is concerned about the mounting cost of the programs for seniors, families, women, developmentally disabled, those living with HIV and AIDS, and young parents.
  2. Affordable And Supportive Housing: Catholic Charities remains concerned about the need to provide affordable housing for low-income families and singles, and supportive housing for people who are developmentally challenged.
  3. Poverty, Especially Child Poverty: Catholic Charities continues to remain concerned about providing for low-income parents and their children. Despite years of economic growth in Ontario, one in every six children is living in poverty.  An average low income single parent family lives approximately $9,500 below the poverty line.

Check out the full text of this document at www.archtoronto.org

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