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Welcome to my blog.  I have launched it in conjunction with the re-launch of our parish website for St. Bonaventure Parish.

I have found in my ministry that there are times when I would like to be able to share some thoughts on current events in our society, church or local community but I can’t find the appropriate forum. The parish bulletin “Bonnie News” is for short announcements and the homily time is exactly that.. the homily.  [A homily is a scriptural interpretation of life.]  The blog seems like a good fit for what I hope to do.  Time will tell.  I welcome your comments and discussion.


  1. Would it be possible for a religious person to run for public service? You have an amazing ideas to turn into a great “servant-leader’s” platform.
    At this point in time, do you have a conceptualized framework on how parishioners can get involve to your “call” for greater involvement? Just curious.

    Thanks for such very challenging blog.

  2. On religious education subject: In my opinion, we need teachers who are properly trained to teach religious educations subjects so that this subject should not appeared like teaching literature or history, plus teacher most of the time shouting to the students. that’s what I’ve experienced first time in classroom of Religion Class.Teacher’s pedagogy and personality becomes counter productive that students do not experience the humanity of Jesus in the person of the teachers and in the content of the teaching. It worse than boring, there’s terror in the air.
    Thanks for bringing out this topic.

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